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storming through the party

Look, I am using a new blog! To update you all on my WORK stuff, or stuff that is unrelated to drinking at shows or crying in public.

I left my full-time job a few months ago and I've been doing that thing where I flail around and pitch pieces and follow up on those pitches and follow up on those followups and so on until it's time to sleep. It is not bad, actually, it keeps me awake and energetic throughout the day. It gives me something to do doing commercial breaks of poorly reenacted true crime series on Investigation Discovery. When I left my job — primarily for health-related reasons (both physical and mental; I have weak lungs and a weaker brain), but also to "work on a book" (which is what everyone says, right?) and to write more, write longer, write outside of television — I thought that I would never get another piece published again but it's been OK! I have some really cool projects "in the works" that hopefully will come to fruition so I can talk about them soon. Or they won't, and I'll go back and delete these sentences in a few weeks and we'll pretend it never happened. 

Anyway, here are some updates from January:

I also got my first blurb and it's on the back of the latest The Wicked and The Divine trade, a comic series that I can't stop screaming about, and it made me feel pretty cool and validated which is not a cool thing to admit, but you know.

So it's been OK, I think? It's been fine.  I am listening to myself and my brain and what I need. I am not working too hard. I turned down a very good sounding job in order to keep focusing on getting better although considering how long I've been on hold with health insurance, that might take a little longer than planned. It's OK, though! It's OK. I have lots of ideas and I would like to write a lot more though. I have so much to say about Superstore and Ghost Adventures and every g'damn thing on Investigation Discovery! I want to write about Pup's new album, the importance of Downtown Boys, and the beauty of emo nights! I want to write about how proud Beyonce makes me feel, how to be a good ally, and my dead guinea pig. I contain multitudes! I also contain a desire to curl up in bed and watch SVU reruns instead of writing.

What else? You have until tomorrow afternoon to buy an ABORTION / BORTION / BORTION / BORTION t-shirt; the idea is because I love Sum 41, the proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood and NY Abortion Access Fund. 

You can also buy a ticket to TV Hangover's Pushing Daisies party on February 19th. It's one of my favorite short-lived series, and it's absolutely gorgeous to look at. We're going to watch two episodes, play drinking games, and host trivia with prizes. It'll be fun! 

In other news, I saw Dirty Grandpa and The Boy. I still have not seen Star Wars.

I also did not get Beyonce tickets but I do not want to talk about it.